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Chaz is on his way

Its been a while since the last addition to the skate series

This next skater is Chaz Ortiz



Meet Destiny
At 20"high and 8"wide, she is an original piece
Painted with oil and framed with a sleek black wood

Different angles can give you a different perspective

And Destiny can take you to a different room

If only she could be hanging on your wall


Nyjah Huston - Backside Noseblunt Slide

..Click to Enlarge..

Hope you like the touch of a Banksy rat in there


Building a Hubba Ledge

Starts with a horizon.. setting mine low will make the ledge look higher.
The stair set is cropped off in the picture, but I still continue to build it off the page.
This helps keep everything on the page in the right spot.

And there's a stair set with a very tall Hubba Ledge..

A few buildings in the background will give more depth to this scene..

Throwing in a couple benches so you wont HAVE to go BIG at this spot..

Street light to fill up more of the foreground..

Now this part can make you sick, but its worth it for that fine detail..

Now the Hubba Ledge is Created...
and ready to be Destroyed...

Come back Friday to see Nyjah throw down


The Chosen One

If you Skate or even follow skateboarding as a fan, then you know who the chosen one is...
This kid only just started driving a car and is already the best street skater out there..

Its a shame he cut his dreads off this past year, however for the sake of style I will be illustrating the OG Nyjah Huston

Come back to follow the process and see the finished piece


Creating the Gap

This "Spot" quickly became a lot more complex than the last one I created

Hopefully you find the process interesting and feel inspired to create your own spot

Like take a dozen bags of cement into the woods and lay down a smooth quarter pipe up the side of a Tree or something

That would be sick


The Boss is next

Still Have to Create the Skate Spot
But You Know this Frontside Flip will be Massive

This One will be up this Weekend

Come Back and See it Here


Paul Rodriguez Jr - Front Blunt

The Finished Piece 

Paul Rodriguez throwing down a solid Frontside Bluntslide on a smooth marble bench to 3 stair.

This is the first of many more professionally inspired skateboard illustrations.

Make sure you come back weekly to see every BANGER


Paul Rodriguez jr - Front Blunt

The Painting

 Creating the Spot

Come back and see the trick for yourself


SkateDemon Logo

Above are my guidelines i end up with to help me keep the logo proportional. 
Adobe Illustrator makes it easy to keep everything centered and to an extent, symmetrical.

The logo will act as a rollover image for a website under construction.